【BLOUIN ARTINFO报道】布克哈德·冯·哈德“迂回与距离”北京在3画廊启幕 Burkhard von Harder’s ‘Detour + Distance’ at Being 3 Gallery, Beijing

楼梯/父亲 布克哈德·冯·哈德 摄影 彩色打印树脂装裱 180x220cm 2001
Starecase/father Burkhard von Harder Photography C-Print on Diasec 180x220cm 2001









Being 3 Gallery is hosting Burkhard von Harder’s exhibition titled “Detour + Distance” at its Beijing venue.

Curated by Xue Danqing, Burkhard von Harder’s exhibition portrays his singular artistic journey into and away from his German family history fraught by the guilt carried by the post- World War II generation. This path is a spiritual one that is inspired by his interest in mystical traditions, carrying the artist through his creative exploration towards a state of transcendence. Spanning his 35-year career — “Detour + Distance”— is the first major survey of Burkhard von Harder’s oeuvre, presented here in Asia. 

The artist has developed a unique language that demonstrates and reveals a source of immanence, merging it with visual language. This intimate semiotics suggests a plurality, a constructing and deconstructing of form — of his work and of himself. The exhibition draws on the artist’s practice of constructing layered, conceptual approaches to installations, photographs, and videos, including the new projects created for this exhibition. All of these works represent varying phases of expression mined from the artist’s individual and idiosyncratic path, viewed through a prism that align the disparate threads that appear in his work from the 1980s to the present. The audience looks at a fresh interpretation of subjects that consume him, altering the perspective and form of the work, as he readdresses these ideas and topics. 

The exhibit derives from the artist’s statement that his creation is a process of ‘marking,’ extracting moments brought forward from a tireless preoccupation with probing into the hidden histories — personal and cultural – that were once seen as taboos and covered by silence. The horizontal line combines three cabinets; each holds a specific theme ranging from family references, to cultural abstractions, with a trio of three massive pieces of photography linked together that symbolize a spiritual ‘purification.’ 

The exhibition is on view through May 5, 2018, at Being 3 Gallery, The Beijing No.3 Plastic Factory Cultural Park, No.129 NanGao Rd., Chaoyang Dist., Beijing. Post Code: 100015.