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“墙上有一幅画”——在3画廊十周年 " There is a painting on the wall"——Being 3 Gallery Celebrates 10th Anniversary

作者:文嘉琳 翻译:徐化宁






by Wen Jialin translate:Xu Huaning

On December 12, 2015, Being 3 Gallery will greet her 10th anniversary celebration. By then, three new spaces located in Beijing no.3 Plastic Factory will present nearly a thousand pieces of outstanding artworks, and will get together with famous artists, scholars, collectors to celebrate this important anniversary.

The anniversary's theme is " A painting on the wall," which is the life assertion has long been insisting by Being 3 Gallery. Art, as an indispensable part of our daily life, is the basis of spiritual life. In fact, Ms. Mianbum, the founder of Being 3 gallery is a collector herself, stating her collections since she was 22 years old. Later on, she began to run the art factory and subsequently founding Being 3 Gallery, with the aim to discover and explore good artists and artworks and recommend to the collectors. “ A painting on the Wall" as Mianbu put it, has always been sheltering and updating her life and is a poetic presence.

The new spaces of Being 3 Gallery are renovated from the old boiler houses dating back to the 1950s, which have been improved by the designers, not only to retain the historical traces of the original plant, but also to render new ideas and vitality. Three spaces are Church Space, Three-Storey Luna and Warehouse 1 respectively. Among them, the Church Space is 14 meters high, with a total area of about 300 square meters. The height and large space makes it possible to exhibit various types of art works. The 2014 large-scale experimental film German Scar and Ai Weiwei's subversive presentation in the 2015 Zenith Suspension (Tianding Xuangua) have indicated the avant-garde, experimental and future-oriented features of the space. This space explores a new cognitive mode and sharing relationship. The three-storey Luna is an exhibition space taking up some 510 square meters, with an emphasis on the diversity of international contemporary art and evolvement of art history. This brand new building comprises the function of exhibition, art salon, art discussion and sharing, artist-in-residence and collection, turning it into a multiple-dimension interactive space. The second and third floor are equipped with side rooms for staff to work in and to hold activities. The public exhibition space is divided according the themes of "poetic dwelling", "abstract and evolution", "strength and focus" and "utterance of the future." The wide range of art forms may remodel possibilities. Last but not the least, the Warehouse 1. Its vertical middle doorway divides the 1,000-square-meter space further into four regions. The first floor is neat, whereas on the second floor the patio and narrow corridor lead visitors to the art work warehouse area in the rear, where audience can choose from the core list and works of Chinese contemporary art. The easel, which now presents 262 paintings, could be further stretched to accommodate more than a thousand works, and this can be further added by a flexible and open surrounding work display. The eternal return to easel and taste of relational aesthetics is embodied herein.

On celebration day, in addition to the launch of three new spaces, the gallery will also bring to collectors and the public three exhibitions— Slow time (Artist Huang He, Solo Show) , Time Unseen (Artist Shivani, Solo Show) and Pure Supremacy (Group Show) along with a thousand pieces of outstanding artworks. Mr. Ji Xiaofeng from Being 3 Gallery expressed the hope that in virtue of the 10th anniversary celebration, to acknowledge the artists and collector who have brought prestige and wealth to the gallery, for their long-time support and confidence to the gallery, and also hope that through the celebration to reveal to the public a brand new chapter of further development of Being 3 Gallery.

Open Day for the three new spaces is on December 13th, everyone is welcomed to come and visit!